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Throw Out Par 3 Holes - Low Gross
Crazy 9 Tournament - Attendance only- BBQ
Even Holes Only - Low Net
Points (bogey, par, birdie)
Red-White-Blue - Low Net
Throw Out Worst Hole - Low Gross
Captains Choice #2- Attendance only
Low Gross
4 Clubs and a Putter - Low Net (Midseason Luncheon)
Throw Out Hole #1- Low Net
Flag Tournament - Low Gross
ONES (Holes 1,9,8,6,7) - Low Gross
Odd Holes Only - Low Net
Throw Out Holes 5 and 8 - Low Gross
Low Net
Low Gross Minus Putts
Throw Out Worst Hole - Low Net
Fall Classic- day 1- gross
Fall Classic- day 2- gross
Fall Classic- day 3- gross
Mystery Hole Throw Out - Low Net (Rain date FC)
Free Mulligan (Play over any one shot) - Low Net (Rain date #2 FC)
Annual Fall Luncheon