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The Jefferson Women's Golf League (JWGL) had its beginning in the spring of 1984. After an enthusiastic discussion with some Pinecrest Golf members about forming a golf league at the Jefferson District Park and Golf Course, Mary Ardai and Gert Scarr met with the Jefferson manager. The meeting ended on a positive note, and Wednesday was set as the Jefferson Women's Golf League day. The Jefferson Golf Course fees for 9 holes of golf in 1984 were $2.30 for seniors and $3.75 for non-seniors. The League would begin to play the first week in April and end the last week in October.


Mary Ardai, with the help of Gert Scarr, agreed to be in charge of the League until the members formed a nominating committee. On November 7, 1984, the League held the first Annual Luncheon and the following officers were elected:



Mary Ardai

Vice President            

Alverda Woolf


Paula Huycke-Athanas

Asst. Sec./Treasurer     

Gert Scarr

With hard work and the loyal support of all 44 members, 1984 proved to be a very successful year.


During the following years the League continued to carry on the traditions of its early members and their officers. In 1990 the League logo, designed by past president Kay Stinson, was adopted. In 2002 the membership reached 140, and a fully automated computer system handled all aspects of the game results. Three membership categories were established in 2002 -- full, associate, and charter (Founders). The actively playing members are drawn from full members and charter members who are playing actively.


In the early years, the League ladies would play on Wednesdays, anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. No scheduled tee time was required. Handicaps were established and each member was placed in one of three flights -- A, B, or C -- to make the scoring more equitable. In 1995 the League grew, and a fourth flight -- D -- was added. In 2002 a league tee-time scheduling program was designed and implemented with tee times between 7:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. at 10-minute intervals.  In 2014, an online tee time sign-up system (Sign-Up Genius) was introduced.


The membership fee in 1984 was $10 with an additional $6 contributed to the Ringer Committee for prize money. In 1985 the all-inclusive membership fee was $20. With one or two increases throughout the years, the fee leveled off at $28 in 1997. In 2009 the fee was changed to $30.   In 2014, the fee was increased to $35.  The League philosophy is to return the money to the membership through social activities, cash prizes, and door prizes. In 2002 the League decided to make social functions self-supporting, so the social activities subsidy money was added to the cash prize funds.



The Officers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and are elected to hold a term for two years. The four elected officers comprise the Board and each Officer has one vote on matters brought before the Board.  Three Officers constitute a quorum.  Every two years prior to the date of the Annual Awards Luncheon the incoming President, usually the sitting Vice-President, selects three nominees to serve as next year's slate of Board Officers and presents those nominees, along with her own nomination, to the members at the Annual Awards Luncheon. If there are no other nominations from the floor, the new Officers are accepted. The incoming President also presents to the members at the Annual Awards Luncheon her selection for the remainder of the Executive Committee and Social Chairs. In making her selections, the incoming President may consult with any member of the JWGL.



  1. Makeup of the Executive Committee

    In addition to the Officers, the Executive Committee consists of the Membership Secretary, Tournament and Rules Chairpersons, Membership News Chairperson, the Photographer/Historian, and the immediate Past-President, each having one vote during Executive Committee meetings. The Executive Committee is made up of dedicated, interested, and concerned members of the League and manages the affairs of the JWGL between Board meetings.

  2. Job Descriptions of Executive Committee
    • President: Presides at Board and Executive Committee meetings and appoints Standing Committee Chairs. When the Executive Committee cannot resolve an issue, the matter will be brought before the Board for resolution.  Designates jobs and assists all other officers and committee chairs. She is readily available to all members. Is responsible for contacts and correspondence with county and course officials; including sending a letter to Jefferson each year to request permission to continue League plays for the coming season. She can appoint outside consultants as needed. She works with Treasurer and Committee Chairs to establish a budget. She consults with Directory publisher. Works with Tee and Luncheon Committees to reserve a place, establish a fee per member, and sign all contracts. Has signature authority on the League bank account.
    • Vice President: Assists the President and takes charge when the President is not available. As League Computer Liaison, she works with League Computer Consultants and Tournament Chairperson and is the lead on the May BBQ social.
    • Secretary: Takes minutes at executive committee and board meetings, March Tee and Awards Luncheon. Transcribes and distributes minutes to the board.
    • Treasurer: Collects all dues and pays all bills. She records membership fee payments in the League database. Gives an accounting of all disbursements and balances at the Annual Awards Luncheon. She consults with President and Vice-President for non-budget expenditures. Has signature authority on the League bank account.
    • Membership Secretary: At end of League season, she contacts members with less than the required number of rounds for continued membership. She keeps the membership waitlist (through the end of April) and invites waiting for members to join as openings become available. Before the season and through April, she works with the Treasurer to maintain the membership records. Responsible for the published membership Directory and is the lead on the new members’ meeting to be held directly following the March Tee. Maintains member contact information.
    • Tournament Chairperson: Develops the Weekly Events schedule. Puts one copy on League bulletin board and makes a copy available for incorporation into the membership Directory. Identifies and oversees volunteers for opening and closing the weekly play. She reviews the League computer’s determination of winners, point and handicap calculations, and posts tournament information: weekly, classic, and ringer. The Tournament Committee has the final say on calculations and winners. Additionally, they handle the distribution of prize money at the end of the year; maintain an inventory of birdie pens, printer paper, and ink, as well as envelopes for prize money. They act as liaisons with golf course staff to be aware of upcoming ground maintenance as well as other events that might impact League plays. They put handicap and ringer reports on the League bulletin board. Explain procedures and weekly events at March Tee. They work within the established budget.
    • Rules Chairperson: League authority on JWGL rules. Assists the League in the interpretation of rules and settles disputes regarding rules. She familiarizes members with local course rules of the Jefferson Golf Course.
    • Membership News Chairperson: Sends a monthly news & update email on current events with the League to include acknowledgment of League member birthdays, golf tips and stories, news on births, deaths, weddings, health, etc. Sends cards to members, who are ill, have accidents or deaths, the birth or grandchild, etc. She works closely with the Membership Chair and within the established budget.
    • Photographer: Takes pictures of members at play and during all social events. She keeps the History Albums current on the League Computer. She makes these albums available for members to see at the various social events and tournaments. She works within the established budget.
    • Immediate Past-President: The immediate past-president is automatically a consultant for two years after she leaves office. Assists the League with rules and regulations of golf and assists the officers if any problems arise.
  3. Job Descriptions of Social Chairpersons
    • March Tee Chairperson/Committee: Works with President to reserve place for the Coffee/Tea. The Committee arranges for food and coffee or tea and for set-up and clean-up. The Committee works within the established and approved budget.
    • Mid-Season Lunch Chairperson/Committee: Works with President to reserve place for lunch which normally follows the Captains’ Choice Tournament. The Committee makes all arrangements for a place, menu, sign-up sheets, games, and directional maps to a restaurant. The Committee charges a fee to cover all lunch expenses including mailings, stationery, programs, prizes, and centerpieces. The Committee works within the established and approved budget.
    • Awards Luncheon Chairperson/Committee: Works with President to reserve place for luncheon (usually first Wednesday in November). The Awards Luncheon Committee makes arrangements for a place, menu, door prizes, sign-up sheets, and table decor, etc. This Committee usually solicits door prize donations. The price to individual member does not cover the entire cost of the awards lunch. The Committee charges a fee to cover most expenses including mailings, stationery, programs, prizes, and centerpieces. The Committee works within the established and approved budget.
    • Note: All Chairpersons have the option of picking a co-chairperson and needed assistants.


  1. Membership Categories

    The three membership categories are Full Member, Associate Member, and Charter Member.

    • Full Member: Participates in all activities, pays the full membership fee, and competes for prizes at each weekly event during the golf season. Full member scores are maintained on the League computer. Records of handicap, flight, ringer, birdies, and points are maintained. Full Members are required to play at least seven rounds of golf to remain a Full member and seven rounds prior to The Fall Classic Tournament to compete in the Fall Classic. Full members who have an acute medical or physical problem that will prevent them from playing seven rounds in the current season may request a waiver of that requirement to remain a full member for the following season. The request should be submitted in writing to the League President and/or Membership Secretary before the end of the current season.
    • Associate Member: Available to those who have been a full member for five years and have a health problem which prevents them from playing the required number of rounds to maintain full member status. The associate membership fee is a portion of the amount paid by full members. Associate members will be listed in the Directory and a copy will be mailed to each. Associates may play non-competitive golf on League days no more than seven times and may attend all social functions after paying the same social event fee as full members.
    • Charter Member: Restricted to the Founders of the Jefferson Women’s Golf League and pay no membership fees. Charter members playing actively must pay the full member or associate member fee and may compete according to their membership status.
  2. Membership Fees and Directory

    All full, associate, and actively playing charter members are required to pay a membership fee, which is used to pay for the League expenses, prizes, and awards. All membership fees are to be provided to the Treasurer by January 15 so new members from the waitlist can be invited to join the League. In addition to the membership fee, each member pays the course fee each time she plays. The membership roster is closed at the end of April for the publication of the Directory. If space is available, members can be added throughout the season at the full membership fee.

    For golf season 2020, the full membership fee is $35 and the associate fee is $10.

    A member may drop out of the League at any time. If she decides to drop out, she should notify the Membership Secretary. The League has a no-refund policy. However, the Executive Committee may consider the situation and make an exception on a case by case basis.

    The Membership Directory will be made available to all members around the first week of May. The list of weekly golf events and social events will be included in the Directory. Members should notify the Membership Secretary of any change of address, email address, or telephone number.


  1. Tee times are required.  The JWGL uses Sign-Up Genius (SUG) which allows members to sign up for tee times online.  Tee timesheets in SUG  are made available on Wednesday for the next week’s play.  The sheets are available online for the entire week for changes and additional sign-ups.  Online access to the tee timesheets is closed on Tuesday the day before play.
  2. At the direction of the Tournament Committee, the members in the first or second tee-time slot should take the items from the League locker to be used for that week's play to set up the display table. Items include chip-in sign-up sheets and pot; members' winner envelopes for previous weeks; relevant signs; scorecard basket;  note pad; etc.
  3. Each player should arrive 30 minutes prior to her tee time to check in with the Jefferson starter and pay the course fee. At the League table she can pick up previous weeks’ winnings; sign up and pay for social events or the chip-In competition (optional); check for the game of the day and for any special notes about that day’s play, e.g., lift, clean, and place. She should also check the bulletin boards for any new League information.
  4. Two players in each group must keep score and compare the scores for an accurate stroke count. For each hole, both the total strokes and the number of putts are recorded. One card must be signed by both the scorer and the attester to the score. After the actual scores (total strokes and total putts) for each player are entered into the League computer, the signed and dated card must be left in the Score Card box next to the computer. To get credit for League to play on Wednesday, play must be within the allotted League tee times and with another League player.
  5. A Jefferson staff starter assists our League during the season.  The Jefferson staff is free to make changes as to the procedure for play.  The changes may vary from year to year.
  6. Definition of a Chip-in: A  chip-in occurs when the golfer's ball has never stopped on the green, is hit from off the green, and goes in the hole. Any club may be used to get the ball in the hole, including the putter.
  7. Definition of a Putt: Once a golfer's ball has landed on the green, every stroke taken after that to complete the hole is regarded as a putt.
  8. A golfer is only allowed to check the box entitled Attendance Only on the Score Entry computer screen to record that a golfer: (1) has participated in an event where individual scores are not kept, or (2) need to leave the golf course prior to completing 9 holes, often due to illness.


Each time a member participates in a round of League play, she receives points: a half-point for playing, and points for placing or winning in the weekly events. These accumulated points entitle a member to prize money distributed at the Annual Awards Luncheon.


A member who makes a birdie (one stroke under par) on a hole will receive a birdie pin the following week. The pin will be at the display table.  A handicap is not required to win a pin.

During one season a member may only receive one birdie pin for any given hole. Also, there is a limit of three birdie pins per season for each member. If play is canceled by the Jefferson Golf Course before all members complete their rounds, no birdie pins are awarded that week.

Members who make a hole in one or an eagle on any hole will receive special recognition at the Annual Awards Luncheon.

VIII. CHIP-IN (Optional participation)

Each week members may participate by putting 25 cents in the chip-In pot and signing the chip-in list. A handicap is not required to participate. The money is divided equally among the participating winners. If no one wins the pot one week, the money is carried over to the following week.


  1. New members should establish their handicaps as soon as possible in order to qualify as weekly winners. To establish a handicap a member must have played five rounds of golf during league time at Jefferson Golf Course. Rounds are entered into the computer during the normal Wednesday input. The scorecard must be placed in the black WEDNESDAY LEAGUE box on the JWGL computer cart.
  2. Each week League players must enter their actual scores into the computer.
  3. From the established handicap, each member is placed in one of four Flights A, B, C, or D. Each Flight has a handicap range established so that each Flight will have approximately the same number of players. A handicap is used for the Weekly Events when the event is for “Low Net Score.” Handicaps are calculated weekly and may cause a player’s flight to change week-to-week. Monthly Handicap Reports are printed for the Bulletin Board.


  1. Championship Tournament: During the season the League holds its major tournament. It is usually held toward the end of the season and is called the Fall Classic Tournament.  The Tournament is a three-week event. To be eligible to compete in the Fall Classic Tournament, a member must have played 7 League rounds prior to the start of the Tournament and play at least 2 of the Tournament rounds. Each player’s 2 best rounds (based on gross.

    All ties will remain as recorded for individual tournament events. For example, if two golfers tie for 1st place, the two golfers will share 1st place and the Tournament Committee will recognize 1st and 3rd place winners in this example. All monies and/or prizes will be split. For example, if two golfers tie for 1st place, they will split the money to be awarded for 1st and 2nd places equally. Ties in Team tournaments (such as Captain's Choice) will remain in place and will be broken by going backward from hole #9, then #8, then #7, etc. until a winner is determined.

    wards will be given at the Annual Awards Luncheon to the Tournament League Champion and Runner-Up for the Lowest Gross and Lowest Net Score. An additional award will be given for the 18-hole score with Lowest Putts. Also, for each Flight, there will be a Winner and a Runner-Up for Gross and Net Score.

    A member may win only one prize in the Tournament. If she qualified for more than one, i.e., Champion, Gross, Net, or Flight prizes, she will be awarded the highest prize. The other prize drops down to the player who finished next in that category.

  2. Ringer Tournament: The Ringer Tournament is a season-long event starting the first day of play and ending the last day of the season. Only the scores made in League play will count. The monthly Ringer Tournament Report will be posted on the Bulletin Board. At the end of the season, the Ringer score for each member will show the best the player has scored on each hole. The total will show what the player would have scored had she played her best on every hole in a single round. Prizes will be awarded at the Annual Awards Luncheon for the lowest score and runner-up in each Flight. To be eligible to compete, a member must have played seven rounds in the season.
  3. Flag Tournament: The Flag Tournament is actually two contests:  the longest drive on a designated hole (a winner for each Flight); and the closest tee shot to the pin on Hole No. 7 (one League winner).

    1. Longest drive on the designated hole -- (The ball must land within the fairway boundaries, not in the rough.) A flag for each Flight is placed on the spot of the first long drive for that Flight, and the player's name is attached to the flag. The next player in that Flight to out-distance the previous long drive advances the flag to her drive and records her name on the flag. This continues until all players have completed play

    2. Closest to the pin on No. 7 -- A player in the first foursome inserts a small flag on the green at the point of the tee shot closest to the hole. She writes her name on the card attached to the small flag. Anyone following, who has a tee shot closer to the hole, will move the small flag to that point and add her name to the card. This continues until all players have completed play


The League has several social gatherings:

  1. The March Tee(Coffee/Tea), the first meeting of the season, is held the last Wednesday in March. Members are notified of the meeting by the League President. At this season kick-off, members have a chance to socialize. At the business meeting that follows, new members are introduced, informative booklets are distributed, and new rules and procedures are discussed.
  2. The BBQ is our first gathering once league play has begun. It is usually held in May and is organized by the League Vice President. This is mainly a social event for members to gather after their round of golf at the Club House and enjoy lunch together. Members pay a luncheon fee to cover expenses.
  3. The Mid-Season Luncheon is our summer gathering that is usually held the Wednesday after the Captain’s Choice Tournament. The winners of the Captain’s Choice Tournament are recognized. Members pay a luncheon fee to cover expenses. A business meeting may be held at the discretion of the President.
  4. The Annual Awards Luncheon is held after the last week of play and is the day for awards, prizes, and the final business meeting of the season. Members pay a luncheon fee to cover expenses. Cost and location information will be posted. Cash prizes that are not picked up at this luncheon must be claimed by the March Tee of the following season, or they will be returned to the League treasury.



PLAY READY GOLF: When the foursome in front of you is down the fairway far enough for you to safely hit the ball, you should tee off. Practice swings should be limited.

FLIGHT OF BALL: Observe the flight of the ball for each player in your foursome ~~ it helps you and your partners locate balls and speeds up play.

PACE OF PLAY: Keep pull cart with you through the fairways. Park pull carts and power carts on the exit side of the green (between the pin and the next tee box) to speed play.

RECORDING SCORE: Leave the green as soon as your foursome has finished putting; record the score at the next tee box.

DIVOTS AND BALL MARKS: Replace all divots on the fairways and repair all ball marks on the greens.

BALL CHANGE: You may change your ball on any tee box ~~ advise your playing partners that you are doing so. A ball may not be changed during play except on the tee box.

ANNOUNCING THE STROKES: Upon reaching the green, announce your number of shots to that point. This will help in remembering the players’ strokes at each hole.

CELL PHONES: Please turn off your cell phones and remain quiet while others are hitting their ball.