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May 24, 2017

Golfing Betty made her debut today for the 2017 season.  What a delight it was to see her again.  She embodies the JWGL notion that golf is fun, fun, fun (usually).  For a history of Golfing Betty, see Pat Hughes.  Despite what some of you may have heard, Pat denies being the model for Golfing Betty.

Don't know what Golfing Betty looks like?  If you wait long enough, her pic will appear at the top of this page.

May 17, 2017


And the number of golfers today (85) almost reached the temperature.

And Mae Kiehl was on fire with 13 putts.

May 03, 2017

One of our April "Caught Being Good" (CBG) award winners is Anita O'Dea.  Anita holds the distinct honor of being our most senior JWGL golfer.  And what an inspiration she is!  Our CBG reporter caught up with Anita and filed this report:  Anita has been a JWGL member for 20 years.  She loves golf, sewing, making rosaries, and spending time with her family.  She was a property settlement officer at a law firm in Falls Church.  

Congrats, Anita, and all the other April winners!

Apr 26, 2017

Is it real news or is it fake news?  Only one of the items below is real.  Can you spot it?

1) Lynda Garbe whiffed 3 times today.

2) Allison Flatley overshot the green on Hole 5 from the tee.

3) Jean Sando chipped in on 8 holes and had only 1 putt.

4) the JWGL is thinking of you, Marilyn, and wishing you well!

Apr 19, 2017

Is your life hectic?  Do you jump from one to-do item to the next?  Well, the JWGL has the perfect antidote.  It's called "Lunch with Friends".  It's a simple concept: don't run home after your round of golf next Wednesday (April 26). Come into the clubhouse, sit down, relax, and have lunch with your golfing buddies.  Chat with other JWGLers who are doing the same thing.  We plan to do this the last Wednesday of every month.  Please join us and bon appetit!

NOTE: the May BBQ which is normally held the first week in May will be held the last week in May this year.  Watch this space for additional information.

Kudos to Ann Lattanzi fot making a par on Hole 1 today (April 19).  At least someone was paying attention to last week's exhortation!

Apr 12, 2017

How do you spell relief?  Normally I spell it M*O*N*E*Y but on Wednesdays I spell it P*A*R.  And today we had 69 pars (plus 3 birdies).  Every hole had multiple pars -- except Hole 1 which had none.  The hole with the most pars was Hole 7 (25 pars plus 1 birdie) but no pars on Hole 1?!  I think it's that darn tree.  It has eaten a few of my balls.  Let's par Hole 1 next week!  Whoever does will get a special mention in this column (assuming I remember).  What motivation.

Update -- while no one parred Hole 1 in week 2, i see that both Debbie Ziegler and Jane Anderson did so in Week 1.  Kudos!

Stay tuned for next week's column "Lunch with Friends".

Apr 05, 2017

Welcome back everyone.  And an especial welcome to our new members.  What a glorious day to kick off the JWGL's 2017 season.  Wishing all a season of fairways and greens!

As some of you may have seen, our computer at Jefferson was out-of-service on opening day.  All scores from Wednesday's rounds have now been entered.  Please note that in order to view the scores, you need to enter the date that the scores were input (April 6) and not the date of play.  

Here is a timely tip or two from the tournament committee.  Good pencilmanship matters (your first-grade teacher was correct).  

Tip 1:  on the scorecard, write golfers' names in alphabetical order (by last name ).  This helps to locate a golfer's score more easily in case of a problem.

Tip 2:  on the chip-in sheet, write legibly or, better yet, print both your first and last names. This will help the closers identify you more readily in the event of a chip-in.  Yes!

Stay tuned for more helpful tips as we advance through the season.


Feb 23, 2017

March 29 is the Tee, same place as last year.

Nov 04, 2016

Have you seen the pictures from the Awards Lunch this week?  Have you seen the pictures from this Season?  In the dropdown box under the heading LEAGUE (at the top of this page) click JWGL Beauties, you will find links to various events.  Enjoy!

Oct 21, 2016
  • Come One, Come All!!!
  • The Annual Awards Lunch, at Maggiano's Restaurant in Tyson's Corner
  • November 2 -$32.50  Due by 10/26
  • Come and see the tournament winners!
  • Come and collect your points/money you have earned from every game you played this season.  
  • Come and say goodbye to those you will miss until we meet again at the opening March Tee!
  • Contact Karen Sparks with any questions