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Sep 13, 2017

Here we are with another gray off-and-on rainy day.  I don't know about you but I don't like playing in this weather and I am getting a little grumpy sitting inside looking out.

Later....31 golfers played today and, hopefully, aren't grumpy.  3 of those golfers got birdies and 5 got chip-ins.  What a day!  Ruth Coakley and Lynda Garbe got two chip-ins each.  Wow!  The crown for Queen of Chip-ins is being hotly contested.  Stay tuned....

Sep 06, 2017

Did you know that we have been able to play golf every single Wednesday this season -- although our friends in power carts weren't always able to join us.  Well, the streak continued today as 20 golfers braved the elements.  With Irma looming, it may be difficult to continue this streak next week. We shall see.

Aug 25, 2017

Who is the Queen of Chip-ins?  Or who is the Queen of Low Putts?  You don't ?  Well, if you do, you need wonder no longer.  Although the crowns will not be awarded until the year is over, we can let you know who is in the running.

Chip-ins -- 46 people have had chip-ins (data through August 23).  Currently in the lead with 3 chip-ins each are Mary Lee Nagle and Marlene Puschauver.  Seven people are close behind with 2 chip-ins each (Becky Boland, Mary Clark, Kathy Moore, Regina Petrecca, Linda Puschauver, Trudy Stevens, and Inge Stovner).  Every hole has had at least 1 chip-in with Hole 1 having only 1 and Hole 2 having the most chip-ins with 14.  

Low Putts -- 22 people have won low putts (through August 23).   Five of those people have won twice (Mae Kiehl, Mary Lewis, Kathy Moore, Mary Lee Nagle, and Judy Nolan).  The most frequent winning score is 14 (11 times), followed by 13 (6 times), then 15 and 17 (one each).  Five of the dates have had multiple winners (out of 19 dates). 

That's all the data for now, but stay tuned....

Aug 02, 2017

The winners of the 2017 Captain's Choice tournament are listed below.


Low Gross Winner (score of 36 with a 3 on Hole 9 for the tie-breaker)

Nancy Carman, Mary Morrow-Bax, Anne Marie Nasto, Carolyn Wurzel


Low Gross Runner-up (score of 36 with a 4 on Hole 9 for the tie-breaker)

Sandy Conran, Pat Martin, Florence Wynn


Low Net Winner (score of 15)

Kazue Chinworth, Kyung Eun Kim, Karen Lewis, Sandy Lons


Low Net Runner-up (score of 16)

Maureen McKinney, Kathy Moore, Debbie Rivera, Sue Rossum


Low Putts Winner (11 putts)

Sandra Bacharach, Mary Clark, Ann Lattanzi, Mary Lewis


Winners were announced and prizes awarded at the Captain's Choice luncheon today at Clare and Don's.  Our thanks to Kathy Barnard and Eva Kosztarab for organizing a fun and delicious lunch!


Jul 28, 2017

Do you know that we have passed the halfway mark in our season?  It's all downhill from here.  I thought it would be interesting to look at some of our stats so far this year.  So here is a quiz (answers at the end of the quiz).

1. Which holes has no one birdied yet?  Hint - there are 3.

2. Which hole has the most birdies so far this year?

3. If we look at the number of people who have either parred or birdied each hole,  rank the holes from the one that most people have parred/birdied to the least.


1. Holes 1, 5, and 8.

2. Hole 9

3. Hole 7, 9, 3, 6, 2, 4 and 8, 1, 5

I scored 100%.  How did you do?



Jul 26, 2017

The Captain's Choice tournament was a fun time, as always.  Who cares if your ball went in the water?  You were hopefully rescued by your teammates.  I know I was!  Some news events from the day.

President Sighting

What a delight to approach the 5th tee and see Marilyn.  She looks great and we hope she will be able to join us with a club in hand before the year is out.

Poor Golfing Betty 

Betty, who you see at the top of this page in better days (she is in the pink and green golf outfit), was a victim of abuse.  She was found this morning stuffed in a locker.  Poor thing could barely breathe when she was rescued.  She was revived enough to participate in the tourney.  Her golf club was broken, however, and she is in the hospital now getting that fixed. 

Golfing Etiquette

Remember to park your power carts and your pull carts on the exit side of the green when putting.  This allows the group behind you to take their approach shots more quickly.


the winners of the tourney will be announced next week at the luncheon.





Jul 19, 2017

Have you picked up the 2017 JWGL Directory yet?  You can't miss it -- it is shocking pink.  There will be some on the table in the clubhouse if you need one but hurry they are going like hotcakes!

One more Wednesday (July 26) left to get your money in for the Captain's Choice luncheon which is August 2.  And, remember, you don't have to play in the Captain's Choice tournament to go to the luncheon (but we wish you would).

That's all she wrote.

Jul 04, 2017

We caught up with the JWGL's CBG honorees for June  -- Margaret Denise and Pat Hughes -- and asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves. (See the July newsletter for the reasons they were honored.)

Margaret has been in the league for 15 years.  She was a Juvenile Probation Officer with Arlington County for 21 years.  She thinks the course condition of Jefferson is awesome and she likes the fact that the course is flat and she can still walk it.  Did you know that in her mid-40s Margaret did two static parachute jumps?!?!

Pat has been in the league for 18 years.  Her hobbies include reading, needlework, flower gardening, and helping others.  Pat worked as an Adminisrative Supervisor in middle management.  She is one of 8 children and grew up in "rural" Fairfax County.  Pat is most impressed with Jefferson's management and staff -- where customers come first.

Congrats Margaret and Pat and we hope to see you back on the course soon, Pat.


Jun 07, 2017

But better late than never!  The winners of the contests at the May 24 flag tourney are as follows:


Closest to the pin

Flight A - Mannie Banerjee

Flight B - Lisa Trangsrud

Flight C - Pat Hughes

Flight D - Diana Jarrett


Longest Drive

Flight A - Allison Flatley

Flight B - Pat Blood

Flight C - Debbie Scearce

Flight D - Kazue Chinworth


Closest to the Line

Flight A - Laura Harrington

Flight B - Emmy McArver

Flight C - Clara Miller

Flight D - Debbie Ziegler


A belated congrats to all!!




May 28, 2017

The May winners of the Caught Being Good (CBG) award are: Auretha Baldwin, Naomi Brooks, Sandy Conran, Ketty Farrell, Nancy Hess, Carrie Knebel, Mary Lewis, Marlene Puschauver, Jane Shapiro, and Marie Withrow.  

Let's shine the spotlight on CBG winner Marlene Puschauver.

Marlene has been in the league for 23 years.  She loves to garden and cheer on the Nats (Go Nats!).  Marlene was an accounting analyst in her working life.  And did you know that she got a hole-in-one on Hole 3 in 2007?!!  Marlene is also the mother of twins.

Congrats to Marlene and all the other May CBG winners..

Nominations for June CBG winners are now being accepted.