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Apr 18, 2018

gets a frost delay.  That's right -- we had a slight frost delay today.  It was a little nippy early but Mr. Sun shone brightly.  We hope he comes back next week and brings Ms. 65 degrees with him.  I see we had quite a few chip-ins but no birdies today.  I wonder what that means.  I think it may have had something to do with all those holes on the greens?  acf

Apr 11, 2018

And this beholder woke up this morning (thankfully), looked out the window and said, "Yecch! What an ugly day for golf!"  But 60 of you said otherwise.  And in looking at the Score Reports, I see out there in the crisp early morning air were, among others, Anita and Mary Lou.  Good for you two and the other 58 who joined you.  I went back to bed!  I am hopeful Mr. Sun will make an appearance next week.  Till then.  ACF

Apr 04, 2018

Do you ever find on the first day or two of the golf season that you have forgotten your entire routine?  You forgot to bring your Garmin, you didn't bring your lucky towel, or your special tees?  Well, no wonder you shot an 80!  I almost forgot that I had to write this column but, lucky for you (not!), I remembered.  So a hearty welcome back, particularly to the 30 golfers who ventured out today and also to Golfing Betty who was there in all her glory.  It was wonderful to see everyone.    ACF

Nov 01, 2017

Until we meet again.  It was a great year.  Our thanks to the volunteers who ran the show.  And thanks, too, to our members who help make the JWGL one of the best leagues around.  Time to clean the mud and sand off your clubs and put them away (or not) until next season.  Hope everyone has a safe, warm and, most importantly, healthy winter.  See you at the March Tee on Wednesday, March 28.   

Ann F.

Oct 24, 2017

Hold the phone!  That's fake news.  The party is NOT over.  The party is next week.  Come to the JWGL luncheon as the identities of the Tournament Champions (there are many) are revealed.  And don't forget that you will be able to learn who the Queen of Low-Putts and the Queen of Chip-ins are.  It promises to be a rollicking good time.  (Ok, I am getting a little carried away).  Hope to see you there.

Oct 17, 2017

The twelve golfers who joined the JWGL in 2017 have made a fine showing this year.  As of October 11, they had played 197 rounds (from a low of 7 to a high of 26!), collected 13 birdies, made 8 chip-ins, and won low putts 3 times.

We have enjoyed getting to know you and we look forward to seeing you at our end-of-year luncheon.  Our thanks to Jill, Kazue, Darby, Peggy, Barbara, Kay, Karen, Jennifer, Linda, Debbie, Gail, and Kim for your participation in the JWGL!

Oct 06, 2017

This just in.  With only 3 Wednesdays left until the end of our season, the races for Queen of Low Putts and Queen of Chip-ins are heating up.  As of October 4, there were 3 players (Jan Imbordino, Mae Kiehl, and Judy Nolan) who had won low putts 3 times.  In the chip-in race, Mary Lee Nagle leads the pack with 4 chip-ins.  In both races, there are numerous people breathing down the leaders' necks.

Are you wondering how all this will turn out?  Come to the luncheon on November 1 and find out!


Oct 04, 2017

This was almost a carbon copy of last week from the beautiful day to the 5 chip-ins.  We had one fewer attendee and 3 fewer birdies.  The one big difference is that there were different names on the leaderboard.  It will be fun to see what next week will bring.

On a personal note, I had a good round last week so wore the same outfit I had on last week, hoping for the same result.  Let me just say the notion of "lucky" clothes is overrated.  Maybe I should have washed them....

Sep 27, 2017

It was a lovely day for both people in carts and people on foot.  What a great start to the JWGL Fall Classic.  We welcomed back some of our friends whom we hadn't seen for a while but we missed seeing some of our favorite golfers.  To those who were missing, we hope you will be back in the swing of things soon.

84 golfers headed out today which is one short of this year's attendance record.  9 birdies were collected but no one has yet birdied Holes 1, 5, and 8 (I am getting tired of having to say that).  And there were 5 chip-ins.  Wow!  What a day.

Hope to see everyone at Jefferson next week for another fun round.




Sep 20, 2017

That's right.  There were 9 birdies today.  That's the most of any day yet this year.  But do you know that no one has birdied Holes 1, 5, and 8 yet?  What is wrong with you all??!!  I think you are just not trying!  Let's not leave these holes unbirdied.  There may be a prize.

And in other news, the race for Queen of the Chip-ins is heating up with 4 golfers leading the pack (Ruth Coakley, Kathy Moore, Mary Lee Nagle, and Marlene Puschauver) with 3 chip-ins each.  Five golfers are hot on their heels with 2 chip-ins each.

In our final news story, we have 6 golfers vying to be Queen of Low Putts with two wins each (Linda Campbell, Mae Kiehl, Mary Lewis, Kathy Moore, Mary Lee Nagle, and Judy Nolan).

Only five more Wednesdays left......