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Aug 22, 2018

I see that Pat Blood got a birdie on Hole 4 today.  Congrats, Pat.  Knowing Pat, I am betting that she had no idea that Hole 4 is one of two holes that we (collectively) have not birdied this year.  Imagine the pressure she would have been under had she known.  Now, it is only Hole 8 that we have left to conquer.  Let's do it!  Ann

Aug 15, 2018

Did you see that Kathy Chandler shot a 38 today?  Well done, Kathy!   I don't think anyone has shot in the 30s this year but correct me if I am wrong.  What are you planning for an encore, Kathy?  Brava!  Ann

Aug 01, 2018

That's right.  We have passed the halfway point in the season.  That is sort of sad isn't it?  But you know what that means --- it is time to review what holes we still need to birdie.  There are two holes that no one has birdied yet this golf year.  They may not be the ones you think -- Holes 4 and 8.  Our favorite holes to birdie are Hole 7 (23 birdies and 1 hole-in-one) and Hole 9 (15 birdies).  The rest fall somewhere in between:

Hole 1 - 2 birdies;  Hole 2 - 1 birdie;  Hole 3 - 3 birdies and 1 hole-in-one;  Hole 4 - ZERO birdies;  

Hole 5 - 1 birdie;  Hole 6 - 6 birdies;  Hole 7 - 23 birdies and 1 hole-in-one;  Hole 8 - ZERO birdies;  Hole 9 - 15 birdies

Jul 25, 2018

A big thanks to Allison, Auretha, Lynda, and Mary Lee for staging a fun golf tournament today.  It required a lot of planning, energy, time, flexibility, patience, and humor and they showed all in abundance.  Thanks, too, to the 32 golfers who played today.  You all are true golf rats!  And our hats are off to Mother Nature for turning off the hose long enough for us to get the tournament in.  The BBQ Brunch was icing on the cake as we got to chat with those we often see only in passing and others whom we haven't seen much at all this year.  All in all, a fun day.  Ann

P.S. Check out the pics which are posted on the first tab under the League tab.

Jul 11, 2018

Twenty-five golfers posted scores in the 40s today.  That's out of 67 people who posted scores today -- a whopping 37%!  That's got to be a record.  I only checked back as far as June where the largest number to shoot in the forties was 19/79 or 24%.  I may keep checking to see if this record can be beat -- or I may not.  Good show, ladies!  Ann

Jun 27, 2018

What a party we had in the clubhouse today!  We celebrated the 95th birthday of Anita O'Dea and the 90th birthday of Mary Lou Sands.  There were delicious cupcakes, big birthday banners for all to sign, HB bunting, centerpieces and, of course, the celebrants themselves.  I could be wrong but I think we have Marlene and Inge to thank for the party.  As I have heard so many of us say, Anita and Mary Lou -- and all the other nonagenarians out there -- are an inspiration to us all!  You are treasures.  Ann

Jun 06, 2018

What a beautiful day for the Captain's Choice event.  A lot of us came out from under our umbrellas to enjoy a day in the sun.  Don't forget the luncheon next week.  Forgot to pay your $$?  Send email to Eva or Kathy B to see if you can reserve a spot.  It promises to be a fun-filled event!  Ann

May 23, 2018

I had to put my eyeballs back in their sockets after looking at the scores today (May 23).  I have never seen such high scores.  And I heard the gnats were biting, too.  All in all, sounds like a delightful day on the course.  Glad I missed it.  Ann

May 09, 2018

Another hole-in-one!  This time for Carole O'Gara!  On hole 3.  Congratulations, Carole.  I see Carole was in a foursome that included our first hole-in-oner, Ruth Coakley.  Hmmmm...what time are you playing next week, Ruth?

Apr 25, 2018

I just looked at the Winner's Report and see that Ruth Coakley got a hole-in-one on Hole 7 today.  Congratulations, Ruth!!!  And I thought there was no news.  Shame on me. acf