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May 02, 2019

I am a tad past my deadline today but I was busy baking a cake.  It is a little lop-sided and a little heavy but, other than that, it's perfect!  But enough about me.

I noticed that some of our freshman class now have handicaps and 4 of them appeared on the Weekly Winners list.  Congrats to Jeanne Baker, Gail Winkelstein, Adrianne Sleight and Mary Stickney for acquiring a handicap and winning all on the same day.

And congrats to our elder stateswoman, Anita O'Dea, for getting a chip-in.  You inspire us, Anita.

Another great showing today (74) even with the gray skies.  Hope to see you all next week.  Ann F.





Apr 24, 2019

Congrats to Christine Hegemann for her eagle on Hole 9 today.  Fantastic!  What a way to finish.  I bet Christine will be back next week.   What a great crowd (82) we had today.  I noticed that a lot of us recorded 55s.  In one foursome, 3 people had 55.  Now that's what I call camaraderie.  Of course, I had to count to see how many of us got 55-- there were 11 of us.  Personally, I'd like to see the 11 of us scoring 45 but if wishes were horses.....Hope to see all 82 of us back next week, plus some more -- to kick off the merry month of May.    Ann F.

Apr 17, 2019

It was a banner day today with 80 of us swarming onto the golf course.  How wonderful to see everyone out enjoying the pretty day.  Some celebrated with chip-ins -- there were 5 of them today.  Others of us hit a good shot maybe followed by a bad shot (or two).  But it's that one good shot that keeps us coming back each week.  So I hope to see all 80 of you out there next week, plus a few more.  Ann

Apr 10, 2019

It was yet another beautiful spring day for golf, as 74 of us can attest.  The course seemed to be handing out scores of 20 or more putts in profusion.  I thought those little holes on the green were supposed to guide our balls into the hole?  It didn't work that way for the 50 of us who had +20 putts.  Congrats to Pat Hughes and Mary Morrow-Bax who managed only 16 putts.  Hope the little holes on the greens are gone next week but you are not.  Ann



Apr 04, 2019

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the grass was green, the weeds were growing, the wind was blowing.  All in all, a wonderful day for our first day of golf.  Some people posted personal bests, others not.  But who was complaining?  Because we know that every hole is a new opportunity and, as Lynda's mother says, "It's only a game, dear."  Hope to see you next week.  Ann

Mar 25, 2019


1 day (Tues)

Wednesday, April 3 --- FORE!

(sunny -- 69)

Dec 07, 2018

The JWGL December Newsletter was sent out to all members on December 1, 2018. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folders.  If it is not there please email Marie Withrow.  Depending on your email system, you may need to add Marie as a contact so that future newsletters will reach your "In" folder. 

Oct 17, 2018

For regular readers of this column (?), you may remember that there were two holes we had yet to birdie by the beginning of August.  One was Hole 4 which Pat Blood nicely disposed of in late August.  The other was Hole 8 which Ketty Farrell birdied today.  Thanks, Pat and Ketty, and everyone else who birdied a hole this year.  We have now birdied every hole.  We take pride in your accomplishments and accept them as our own.  We did it!  Ann

Oct 03, 2018

74 golfers out of the starting gate.  And I see the lead shifting back and forth.  As they round the turn, it's Abigail on the inside.  Who will come out ahead in this Fall Classic?  I see dark horses on the horizon.  Stay tuned....

Sep 12, 2018

The scores were all over the map today.  Saw what might be some personal bests and also some personal worsts.  But 39 people braved the aerated greens and the humid weather to play.

Information about the end-of-year luncheon was sent out this week via email.  If you didn't get that, flyers will be on the table in the clubhouse.  Come one, come all!    Ann