Archived News

Feb 25, 2020

Your VP is back and ready to get back into the "Swing of Things."  Our President, Ann Forquer, has very kindly fulfilled my duties as well as her own over the past year to allow me to recover from my back surgery.  I have some very thoughtful and gracious shoes to fill and I am glad to be able to serve our League once again.  See you March 25, 2020, at our March Tea!  Pam Matthes

Nov 06, 2019

Until we meet again.  Wishing you a safe, healthy, and toasty winter.  Hope to see you at the March Tee on March 25.   Ann F.

Oct 30, 2019

We surely didn't go out with a whimper today.  What a last hurrah it was for the 2019 season with 71 golfers participating.  We had a record 11 birdies today, 9 of them on either Holes 7 or 9.   And do you know that we have been able to play every single Wednesday this year, although the rainy Wednesday two weeks ago gave us a very small window of okay weather. Thanks for your participation; it has been a great season.  Hope to see you at the luncheon.  Ann F.

Oct 16, 2019

That's a WOW for the NATS and a WOW for the 19 golfers who showed up today.  Most of the golfers managed to dodge the raindrops except for Ellen H. who had the heavens open up on her (and her escorts Darby and June) at the 3rd hole.  There was some good putting today with Marlene P and June M leading the way with 14 putts.  And we have only two Wednesdays left.  Where did the season go?   Hope to see everyone at the annual awards luncheon.  GO NATS!!!  Ann F.

Oct 01, 2019

A big thank you to Marie W. and Lynda G. for their yeoman's work in clarifying some of our rules.  They took on this task since Marilyn is currently busy with her move.  The logic of golf rules usually escapes me and I applaud those who make sense of them.  Thanks, Lynda and Marie, for stepping up to help out.  Ann F 

Sep 29, 2019


Sep 18, 2019 the hobgoblin of little minds.  I couldn't agree with Emerson more.  What fun is it to always hit your ball in the fairway?  Or to always make the greens in regulation?  Or to never 3-putt?  Speaking of consistency, I saw Pat Blood in the clubhouse today and told her if she hit another 45 I would mention her in this column (Pat hit a 45 last week and the week before).  Pat got a 47 today so I won't mention her (oops).  But Irene Chung hit her third 53 in a row!    Hope to see everyone on the course next week for the Fall Classic.  Hit 'em straight (but hit them ).   Ann F.

Sep 11, 2019

Do you know how some people begin to resemble their dogs after a while?  I don't know why this happens.  Maybe there is some strange aura surrounding them?  Today on the golf course I think there was a strange aura surrounding Group 12.  Everyone in that threesome shot a 51-17.  They all got 7 on Hole 5 and they all got 5 on Hole 6.  Spooky!  Join us next week for more strange tales, perhaps?    Ann F.

Sep 04, 2019

That's right.  There are only 8 days left in the golf season.  So who do you think is the Queen of Birdies at this point?  That would be Lynda Garbe with 6.  Nipping at her heels, though, are Jeanne Baker, Ruth Coakley, Terry Goplerud, and Nancy Hess with 4 each.  And who is the Queen of Chip-ins?  That is Ruth Coakley with 5.  Nipping at Ruth's heels are Mannie Banerjee, Jean Sando and Gail Winkelstein with 3 chip-ins each.  Hope to see a lot of you on the course next week enjoying some nice September weather.  Ann F.

Aug 14, 2019

What fun today was for the 63 of us who participated in the flag contests.  You could hear people urging their balls onto the fairway -- but the balls didn't always listen.  And then the putting and closest-to-the-pin contests seemingly taxed our mathematical skills.  Good thing we didn't need to convert these to meters.  As I left today, the Tournament Committee members were heading back to the lab to dream up more fun things.  Nice job!    Ann F.