Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Question: I signed up for a tee time in SUG but when I arrived at Jefferson my name was not on the tee timesheet. What gives?
    Answer: Without sitting next to you when you are using SUG, it’s hard to say what went wrong.  However, here is a tip -- 4 clicks. If you accessed SUG via the email link, it takes 4 clicks to sign up.  Here are the "4 clicks" when you access via the email link. On the screen showing the tee time sign-up sheet,
    Click 1 -- on the box next to any empty slot for the specified tee time
    Click 2 -- on that same screen, go to the bottom of the page and click on the button saying "submit and sign-up". Another screen will appear containing a box displaying the tee time you signed up for. On this screen,
    Click 3 – Click the circle saying "I am a Sign-up Genius member". A pop-up box appears where you enter your email address and Signup Genius password (unless you are already signed in).
    Click 4 – Click “Send me a confirmation email” then at the bottom of the screen
    Click 5 – at the bottom of the screen, CLICK on the box that says "Sign Up Now."
    BE SURE you see the screen that says “Thank You ”, “Your tee time has been added”.
    That's it. You are done.

  2. Question: My golfing buddy gets a confirmation of her tee time as soon as she signs up. Why don't I get one?
    Answer: Immediate confirmations are not sent automatically. You need to request one. You can do this by clicking on the "send me a confirmation” box on the second screen of the sign-up process. This box will appear after you have clicked on the "I am a signup genius member" box on the first screen. It is a good idea to request a confirmation so that you complete the sign up process. Every golfer who signed up receives a confirmation of her tee time two days prior to game day.

  3. Question: If I go into SUG during the week, after I have signed up previously, I see the words "edit," "swap," "delete" only under my name. Why is this?
    Answer: These words allow you to easily change, swap or delete your current signup. Click on "delete" to delete your signup. Click on "edit" to highlight the information to be changed. Click on "swap" to request a swap with another golfer for a specific time. For example, if you signed up for an 11:00 tee time and realize you can play only at 8:00, click on swap and choose all the golfers who are playing at 8:00. SUG will send an email to those golfers requesting that they swap times with you. If any of them accepts the request to swap, Signup Genius will send you an email advising you of the change in your tee time.

  4. Question: Do I have to receive the SUG invitation before I can reserve a tee time?
    Answer: You do not have to wait for or use the SUG invitation to reserve a tee time.
    1. Go to the SUG website ( at approximately 5:30 pm Wednesday
    2. Login with your email address and password
    3. Look in the box that says "Sign-ups I've Been Invited to." The JWGL logo with the next play date will appear. You may need to refresh your screen to have it appear.
    4. When the JWGL logo with the date of the next outing appears, click it. If the system asks for the access code, then the invitation has not been released yet and you need to re-click the JWGL logo until it no longer asks for the access code.
    5. When the tee time sheet appears, you may reserve your tee time. (Since you have already logged in you will not need to re-enter your email address or your password.)
    6. Complete all of the confirmation steps before you leave the website.

  5. Question: Why isn't the SUG invitation received exactly at 5:30 pm each Wednesday evening?
    Answer: There are various reasons causing delays. The invitation, released by a member of the Tourney Committee, may not be issued exactly on time. Also, factors related to your service provider, your computer speed, your computer browser, or the speed of your computer connection (dialup, broadband, cable, etc.) can influence how quickly you receive your email. If you are waiting in your email inbox, you should refresh your browser periodically. You may have a setting that only refreshes your inbox at a certain interval (perhaps every 15 min), so if you have your inbox open, you will need to manually refresh it to receive new emails within that time interval.

  6. Question: I accessed SUG to find out who will make up my foursome but I was asked for an access code. What is the access code?
    Answer: The Tee timesheet in SUG is available for anyone to see or update from about 5:30 pm on Wednesday the week before game day through 10 pm on Tuesday the day before game day. If you try to access the tee time sheet outside of this time frame, you will be asked for an access code, which is a password used only by the administrators of the system. Access to the tee time sheet in SUG is closed at 10 pm on Tuesday night so that the tee time file can be transmitted to Jefferson so the starter can have it bright and early the next day.

  7. Question: It seems as though some people are able to sign up before the rest of the group.
    Answer: The first and earliest tee time is reserved for the Tourney Committee appointed opener. The opener serves JWGL by setting up the clubhouse and the computer each Wednesday before the start of the day. Other than the opener, all board members, volunteers and members at large have an equal opportunity to sign up for tee times.

  8. Question: Why is the starter upset that my name appears for each golfer in our group?
    Answer:  When a player checks in or calls the starter, their name needs to appear on the tee timesheet for the starter to properly do their job. If you are using your SUG login to sign up all members in your group then you need to be sure that you click “Display an Alternate Name” on the screen BEFORE clicking the final “Sign Up” button. Clicking the button expands this section where you need to enter the actual player’s first and last name – so their name will show in the list instead of yours.