Do You Ever Wonder

Who is the Queen of Chip-ins?  Or who is the Queen of Low Putts?  You don't ?  Well, if you do, you need wonder no longer.  Although the crowns will not be awarded until the year is over, we can let you know who is in the running.

Chip-ins -- 46 people have had chip-ins (data through August 23).  Currently in the lead with 3 chip-ins each are Mary Lee Nagle and Marlene Puschauver.  Seven people are close behind with 2 chip-ins each (Becky Boland, Mary Clark, Kathy Moore, Regina Petrecca, Linda Puschauver, Trudy Stevens, and Inge Stovner).  Every hole has had at least 1 chip-in with Hole 1 having only 1 and Hole 2 having the most chip-ins with 14.  

Low Putts -- 22 people have won low putts (through August 23).   Five of those people have won twice (Mae Kiehl, Mary Lewis, Kathy Moore, Mary Lee Nagle, and Judy Nolan).  The most frequent winning score is 14 (11 times), followed by 13 (6 times), then 15 and 17 (one each).  Five of the dates have had multiple winners (out of 19 dates). 

That's all the data for now, but stay tuned....