Captain's Choice News Items

The Captain's Choice tournament was a fun time, as always.  Who cares if your ball went in the water?  You were hopefully rescued by your teammates.  I know I was!  Some news events from the day.

President Sighting

What a delight to approach the 5th tee and see Marilyn.  She looks great and we hope she will be able to join us with a club in hand before the year is out.

Poor Golfing Betty 

Betty, who you see at the top of this page in better days (she is in the pink and green golf outfit), was a victim of abuse.  She was found this morning stuffed in a locker.  Poor thing could barely breathe when she was rescued.  She was revived enough to participate in the tourney.  Her golf club was broken, however, and she is in the hospital now getting that fixed. 

Golfing Etiquette

Remember to park your power carts and your pull carts on the exit side of the green when putting.  This allows the group behind you to take their approach shots more quickly.


the winners of the tourney will be announced next week at the luncheon.