Captain's Choice

The winners of the 2017 Captain's Choice tournament are listed below.


Low Gross Winner (score of 36 with a 3 on Hole 9 for the tie-breaker)

Nancy Carman, Mary Morrow-Bax, Anne Marie Nasto, Carolyn Wurzel


Low Gross Runner-up (score of 36 with a 4 on Hole 9 for the tie-breaker)

Sandy Conran, Pat Martin, Florence Wynn


Low Net Winner (score of 15)

Kazue Chinworth, Kyung Eun Kim, Karen Lewis, Sandy Lons


Low Net Runner-up (score of 16)

Maureen McKinney, Kathy Moore, Debbie Rivera, Sue Rossum


Low Putts Winner (11 putts)

Sandra Bacharach, Mary Clark, Ann Lattanzi, Mary Lewis


Winners were announced and prizes awarded at the Captain's Choice luncheon today at Clare and Don's.  Our thanks to Kathy Barnard and Eva Kosztarab for organizing a fun and delicious lunch!